all of anasol

We present handcrafted products that are 100% natural with minimal ingredients. You'll get the best results and all of the benefits of natural ingredients. 


Head To Toe Body Oil to keep your skin youthful without that oily, greasy feeling of other body products. Five different scents for your skin. Giving your body the nutrients it needs. Keep your skin healthy and vibrant. For all types of skin. Men and Women. 100% Natural for all ages!



Potpourri, Made from all natural flowers. Infused with locally sourced essential oils to keep the fragrance fresh and lasting for weeks. No toxins. Two different scented jars. Great for your car, home, and workplace!



Healthy organic and all natural fruit and veggie chips. We dehydrate from hand-picked locally sourced produce. Great for camping, hiking trips, parties, snacking, and adding that extra flavor to your cooking!

100% Pure Organic Dark Unsweetened Chocolate Covered Fruits.
The same great product from AnaSol Foods now hand painted with all natural and organic Dark Chocolate. Great with wine!